About Toyota Allion

Over the years Toyota Allion has gained a significant amount of popularity among car enthusiasts in different countries all over the world. Allion’s stylish look, amazing performance and solid build quality gave it an extra push for Toyota car lovers. 

In this article we will be discussing the reconditioned and used Toyota Allion car price in Bangladesh, features, specs, performance and other essential aspects to be considered before making any choice of buying this model. Garibaree is an ideal place if you’re considering buying this magnificent saloon or just want to learn more about it.

Allion is a mid-size sedan that blends sophistication, affordability and low maintenance cost. The model boasts a smooth and sleek exterior design that showcases elegance on the road of Bangladesh.

 Allion provides a delightful driving experience for both the driver and passengers, thanks to its beautiful interior, cozy seating and its superior performance. Beside all these, Toyota has officially declared that the Premio and Allion models will be discontinued as of March 2021. Beside all these, Toyota has officially declared that the Premio and Allion models will be discontinued as of March 2021.

So now, let us dive deep to the world of Allion models –

Find the Reconditioned and Used Toyota Allion car price in Bangladesh till date

Toyota Allion entered with a competitive price tag in the market of Bangladesh. Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh may vary depending on the variant, additional features, and import taxes. As of the current market trends, the reconditioned Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh starts from 31,00,000 for the base model and goes up to 44,00,000 for the fully loaded variant and for used cars the price starts from 11,00,000 to 42,00,000 (2001 - 2021)

Price Range (2001-2019) 11 - 44 Lac
Available Colors White, Silver, Red, Glass Flake, Frosty Green, Dark Sherry, Black

Reconditioned Toyota Allion Price In Bangladesh

Reconditioned Toyota Allion 2017 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G
2017 31 - 33 Lac 34 - 35 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Allion 2018 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G
2018 32 - 34 Lac 36 - 39 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Allion 2019 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G
2019 33 - 40 Lac 41 - 42 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Allion 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G
2020 40 - 42 Lac 43 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Allion 2021 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G
2021 44 Lac 44 - 46 Lac

Used Toyota Allion Price In Bangladesh

Used Toyota Allion 2016 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G G-Plus
2001-2016 11 - 24 Lac 14 - 25 Lac 21 - 31 Lac

Used Toyota Allion 2017 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G G-Plus
2017 29 Lac 33 Lac 35 Lac

Used Toyota Allion 2018 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G G-Plus
2018 30 - 31 Lac 32 - 34 Lac 35 Lac

Used Toyota Allion 2019 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G G-Plus
2019 36 Lac 37 Lac 38 - 40 Lac

Used Toyota Allion 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G G-Plus
2020 37 - 39 Lac 40 - 42 Lac 44 Lac

Used Toyota Allion 2021 Price In Bangladesh

Package A15 G G-Plus
2021 40 - 42 Lac 43 - 46 Lac 47 - 50 Lac
Toyota allion car full details

Details of Toyota Allion

Basic Information Horsepower 109 – 158 hp
Power 80 – 116 kW
Internal Combustion Engine 1.5 – 2
Top Speed 180 - 200 km/h
Chassis Sedan
Car Classification Medium Family Car
Engine Capacity 1,496 - 1,998 cc
Exterior Headlights LED
Side Mirror Indicator Available
Interior Auto climate control aircon
Knockdown rear seats
Fuel Efficiency The fuel consumption feature of the Toyota Allion is truly impressive.
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Petrol
Mileage 20 kmpl
Features and technology Safety Feature 2 Airbags
Traction control is not available
Smart Key Available
Remote Boot Release Available
Basic Specification Mileage 20 Kmpl
Maintenance Maintenance cost of this model is very affordable.
Other Informations Length 4.55 - 4.59m
Width 1.695 - 1.695m
Height 1.47 - 1.485m
Doors 4
Seat Capacity 5
Pros & Cons Pros
  • Stylish Design
  • Comfortable and Spacious Interior
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Impressive Reliability and Resale Value
Cons Though there are no negative points to deduct from this model but to remain on track, before buying the spare parts, we request customers to be careful with the authentic parts.
Reliability 80%
Looks 75%
Fuel Efficiency 75%
Resale Value 85%
Spare Parts Availability 85%
Comfort 80%
Overall Rating 4.2 of 5.0

Overall Review of Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion is a popular and top-selling midsize saloon car on the roads of Bangladesh. The reliability and fuel-efficiency of this model makes it more suitable for the people. The features and specifications which we have discussed so far let us break down all those for your better understanding.


The Toyota Allion exhibits impressive performance capabilities. The vehicle provides an improved and responsive driving experience, courtesy of its finely-tuned suspension and reliable handling. The Allion provides a smooth and stable driving experience, whether you are moving through urban congestion or traveling at high speeds on the expressway.


The Toyota Allion has an appearance that is both sporty and elegant, with just a hint of sophistication. A fashionable metallic finish can be found on the product’s exterior. Allion’s halogen headlights offer superior brightness compared to conventional halogen lights, resulting in enhanced visibility during at night or low-light driving scenarios.

In addition, they possess a higher brightness compared to LED lights. The side mirrors of a Toyota Allion serve a crucial function by providing the driver with visibility of the surrounding areas close to and behind the car.


Toyota Allion’s automatic climate control system lets drivers and passengers regulate the cabin temperature. This feature keeps the car comfy regardless of the weather. Toyota Allion rear seats fold down for more additional space. This feature helps carry larger products or more bags on your long trips. The Toyota Allion’s luxurious seats provide a nice ride for everyone. Besides, passenger seats can be adjusted to match with a passenger’s needs. Allion’s high mid console makes radio and climate controls accessible. This function lets the driver control the car’s features without looking away. The Toyota Allion has front-like rear tilting seats, this improves the passenger comfort.


The Toyota Allion comes equipped with a range of features, including airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control. Their smart key system allows the driver to lock and unlock the car without using a key which enables more convenience for the driver. Inside the car Toyota uses Nanoe Technology to improve the air quality inside the car. This technology helps to remove odors and allergens from the air, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

Our Recommendation

We recommend you for the scheduled maintenance that should be performed at 5,000 miles or 6 months, 15,000 miles or 18 months, and 30,000 miles or 36 month intervals. Regular maintenance is important to keep the car running smoothly and to prevent major problems in the future


Which is better: Allion vs Premio?

Both the Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio are reliable, but your preferences may make one better than the other. The main differences are:

Toyota Allion:

  1. Younger, sportier consumers
  2. Sporty and youthful
  3. Carina successor
  4. Only one CVT option
  5. Cheaper than Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio:

  1. More elegant
  2. Targets older drivers
  3. Corona successor
  4. Two CVT choices: FWD
  5. Generally more expensive than the Toyota Allion

Now it’s up on you to decide which is going to be the best choice for you. The Toyota Premio is a more luxurious and stylish car. If you want a sporty, youthful car, the Toyota Allion may be a better option. The Toyota Premio is the only 4WD option. Finally, the two cars' price differences may matter.

Difference between Axio and Allion?

The Toyota Axio and Allion are two popular car models from Toyota. The differences between these two are:

Toyota Axio

  1. Better fuel efficiency
  2. Very affordable
  3. More sporty looks
  4. Compact
  5. Stylish exterior design

Toyota Allion

  1. Spacious interior
  2. New and advanced features
  3. Refined and sporty feel
  4. Aesthetic exterior design

In terms of technical specifications, the Toyota Corolla Axio has a maximum power of 110 horsepower, while the Toyota Allion has a maximum power of 110 horsepower as well.

It's important to note that the differences between the two models may vary depending on the year and specific model. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the individual's preferences and needs.

What are the different variants of Toyota Allion available in Bangladesh ?

Here are the some different variants of the Toyota Allion available in Bangladesh:

    • A15
    • A18
    • G HID
    • G New Shape

As we have mentioned, brand new Toyota Allion cars are not available in the Bangladesh market. Instead, reconditioned Allion cars are imported from the Japanese domestic market. The availability of specific variants may vary depending on the dealers and importers in Bangladesh.

Where you can buy Toyota Allion at best price?

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