The price of a brand-new Corolla Cross in Bangladesh varies between 42 and 52 lakh. However, if you require a mid-range SUV for your family or business, this one is the finest. In Bangladesh, the Toyota Corolla Cross has drawn the interest of both practical drivers and automotive fans. This versatile crossover is a strong option in the local vehicle market because it combines price, style, and effectiveness.

These variations can be found in Bangladesh.

Cross-L Toyota Corolla
Cross-LE Toyota Corolla
Corolla Cross XLE Toyota
Corolla Cross XSE Toyota
Nightshade Edition Toyota Corolla Cross SE
Cross-Hybrid LE Toyota Corolla
The Cross Hybrid Toyota Corolla XLE
The Cross Hybrid Toyota Corolla XSE
Adventure-ready Toyota Corolla Cross
The Cross-Trail Toyota Corolla
Corolla Cross Sport Toyota
Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport (for those who want performance)
Limited Edition Corolla Cross Toyota
Market-specific Toyota Corolla Cross Urban Cruiser

In order to meet the many preferences and needs of automobile enthusiasts and purchasers, these vehicles are equipped with a range of features and characteristics. For the most recent details on certain models and trim levels, please note that availability may vary by location and over time.

Find the Reconditioned and Used Toyota Cross car price in Bangladesh till date

Price Range (2010 - 2018) 52 - 62 Lac
Available Colors White, Silver, Magnetic Grey , Super Red, Yellow, Black

Reconditioned Toyota Cross Price In Bangladesh

Reconditioned Toyota Cross 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Package Z
2020 52 - 54 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Cross 2021 Price In Bangladesh

Package Z
2021 53 - 55 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Cross 2022 Price In Bangladesh

Package Z
2022 54 - 56.5 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Cross 2023 Price In Bangladesh

Package Z
2023 57.5 - 62 Lac

Details of Toyota Cross

Basic Information Horsepower 96 HP @ 5200 RPM
Internal Combustion Engine 1.6 - liter turbocharged inline-3 combustion engine
Top Speed 180 KM/H
Chassis SUV
Car Classification Compact crossover SUV
Engine Capacity 1798 CC
Exterior Headlights LED headlights with available LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Side Mirror Indicator Available
Fuel Efficiency Toyota estimates that the Corolla Cross Hybrid's fuel economy will be rated at 45/38/42 mpg city/highway/combined
Fuel Type Regular Gasoline
Fuel Petrol
Mileage 18 - 20 KM / L
Features and technology Safety Feature 7 Airbags (Fronts, Front Sides, Curtains & Driver Knee) ,Pre-Collision System (PCS) ,Lane Departure Alert (LDA) with Steering Assist
Smart Key Available
Remote Boot Release Available
Maintenance Maintenance cost of this model is high.
Other Informations Length 4460 mm
Width 1825 mm
Height 1620 mm
Doors 5
Seat Capacity 5
Reliability 80%
Looks 75%
Fuel Efficiency 75%
Resale Value 85%
Spare Parts Availability 85%
Comfort 80%
Overall Rating 4 of 5.0

Overall Review

The stunning look of the Toyota Corolla Cross makes it blend in perfectly with cities. It looks elegant yet strong thanks to its sculpted lines, LED headlights, and aggressive grille. Clients may select the trim level of this crossover that best fits their demands and budget from a variety of options.

The Corolla Cross’s fuel-efficient engine maintains a mix of power and economy under the hood. It runs nicely on the roads and handles city traffic with ease. Its well-tuned suspension provides a smooth ride that absorbs most road irregularities.


1. An affordable vehicle for your family and business travels.
2. There is plenty of space to accommodate five of your guests and family in the luggage area.
3. You will save money on petrol if you get excellent mileage
4. Your video, music, and weather control system will all be fully controlled by the modern infotainment system
5. Standard and active safety measures can protect you from unexpected accidents.
6. You can switch between AWD and FWD driving configurations.
7. Apple Car Play and Android Auto allow you to listen to your preferred playlist.


1. few available engines.
2. maybe lacking certain cutting-edge tech features.
3. moderate adventure ground clearance.
4. quite new on the market; hence, its long-term reliability is uncertain.


The Toyota Corolla Cross has a dynamic yet efficient engine in terms of performance. The 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine that powers the versions that are now available in Bangladesh is sufficient for daily travel. The seamless CVT gearbox makes for a more comfortable ride, but those who believe it might miss the rush of a manual gearbox.

Fuel consumption is a strong point for the Corolla Cross, which makes it a great option for anyone on a tight budget. It is enjoyable to drive on crowded city streets because of its quick steering and handling.


Toyota’s devotion to modern design appears in the Corolla Cross’s exterior design. It stands out on the road because of its dynamic shapes, LED lights, and elegant outline. Alloy wheels give the crossover a sophisticated look, and roof rails make transporting extra baggage or entertainment goods easy.


The Corolla Cross welcomes you with a spacious and luxurious interior as soon as you step inside. The interior has a luxurious vibe thanks to the more effective materials and finishes. Long rides are supported well by comfortable seats, and when additional luggage room is needed, the seats in the back can be folded down. Additionally, the multimedia system usually comes with a touchscreen display, although the specific features could change according to the model level.


Toyota offers a number of features on the Corolla Cross that are intended to improve both safety and convenience. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as automated emergency braking, adaptive speed control, and lane change warning are a few examples of these.

Equipped with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for easy smartphone connection.

For extra convenience, there is a push-button start and keyless entry.

For passenger safety, there are many airbags and stability control systems.

Our Recommendation

In Bangladesh, where the SUV market is competitive, the Toyota Corolla Cross presents an excellent package. It’s a vehicle that works well on highways and in cities alike because of its dependable performance, comfortable seats, and fashionable exterior. It might not be as capable off-road as a genuine SUV, but its dependability and adaptability make it a great option for both people and families. In Bangladesh, the demand for SUVs has expanded. Today, buyers on a rather small budget are shifting towards the SUV area. In addition to its design and value, the Toyota Corolla Cross delivers quality, durability, and reliability to satisfy your needs. However, before making a purchase, check the real price of the Toyota Corolla Cross in Bangladesh on


How much is a used Toyota Corolla Cross in Bangladesh?

It might vary depending on the model, circumstances, and taxes. It starts at 42 lakhs.

Is it possible to have the Corolla Cross with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive?

For people with varying driving tastes, Toyota does indeed provide front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants of the Corolla Cross.

In terms of size, how does the Corolla Cross stand out against other Toyota models?

In terms of size, the Corolla Cross falls somewhere between the Toyota C-HR and the Toyota RAV4, making it a practical choice for individuals looking for a compromise between space and compactness.

What does Bangladesh's Toyota Corolla Cross warranty cover?

To provide customers with peace of mind, Toyota normally offers a basic warranty plan that includes coverage for a certain time or miles.