About Toyota Axio Fielder

The Toyota Axio Fielder price in Bangladesh starts from 15.5 lacs to 30 lacs.

The Toyota Axio Fielder stands out as a desirable choice for people looking for a dependable and adaptable vehicle in the massive landscape of options that is the automotive industry. The Axio Fielder is renowned for its usefulness, effectiveness, and comfortable design, and it comes in a variety of variations to suit different tastes and requirements. This blog examines the model’s numerous facets—from its introduction to performance, external and interior characteristics, and a comprehensive review—among additional subjects.

The Toyota Axio Fielder, a Toyota Corolla that was initially launched in 2000, is an affordable station wagon. Since then, it has been more well-known across the world, especially for its superb fuel efficiency, spacious interior, and easy handling. Toyota has improved the Axio Fielder even further with the 2023 versions, adding cutting-edge technology and security features.

The Toyota Axio Fielder could be offered in many variants and features in Bangladesh.

1. Axio Fielder X by Toyota: This is usually the model with the lowest price tag, and it could include standard features.

2. Axio Fielder G by Toyota: Typically, the G model comes with more features than the base model.

3. The hybrid Toyota Axio Fielder: This model has a hybrid power train, which combines an electric motor with a petrol engine.

4. Toyota Axio Fielder G: This is a more advanced trim level of the hybrid model that frequently has updated features.

5. Toyota Axio fielder WXB: A powerful sense of presence is provided by the Toyota Axio Fielder WXB “white and black” grill detail version.

Find the Reconditioned and Used Toyota Axio Fielder car price in Bangladesh till date

Price Range (2014-2021) 48 Lac - 1 Crore 23 Lac
Available Colors Pearl white, Silver metallic, Black

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder Price In Bangladesh

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2017 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2017 15.5 - 16 Lac 17.5 - 18 Lac 21.5 - 22 Lac -

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2018 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2018 22 - 23 Lac 23 - 24 Lac 27 - 28 Lac -

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2019 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2019 20 - 21 Lac 24 - 26 Lac 30 - 30 Lac 26 - 27 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2020 - - - 29 - 30 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2021 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2021 - - - 31 - 31 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2022 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2022 - - - 31 - 32 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fielder 2023 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G WXB EX
2023 - - - 32 -33 Lac

Used Toyota Axio Fielder Price In Bangladesh

Used Toyota Axio Fielder 2012 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G Hybrid WXB
2012 16 - 16.5 Lac 16 - 16.5 Lac - -

Used Toyota Axio Fielder 2013 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G Hybrid WXB
2013 16 - 16.5 Lac 16 -17 Lac - -

Used Toyota Axio Fielder 2014 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G Hybrid WXB
2014 14 - 14.5 Lac 15 - 17 Lac 17 - 17.5 Lac 18 - 18.5 Lac

Used Toyota Axio Fielder 2015 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G Hybrid WXB
2015 16 - 17 Lac 18 - 20 Lac 18 - 19 Lac 23 - 24 Lac

Used Toyota Axio Fielder 2016 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G Hybrid WXB
2016 18 - 18.5 Lac - - -

Used Toyota Axio Fielder 2017 Price In Bangladesh

Package X G Hybrid WXB
2017 20 - 20.5 Lac - 14 - 15 Lac -
Toyota Axio Fielder Price In Bangladesh
Toyota Axio Fielder Price In Bangladesh

Details of Toyota Axio Fielder

Basic Information Horsepower 73-144 HP
Power 80 kw
Internal Combustion Engine 1.5 i (109 Hp)
Top Speed 180 km/h
Chassis Hatchback
Car Classification Luxury grade variants
Engine Capacity 1496 cc
Exterior Headlights Halogen / LED
Side Mirror Indicator Available
Fuel Efficiency Outstanding fuel efficiency
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Octane / Petrol
Mileage 15 - 26 km/L
Features and technology Safety Feature 2 Airbags
Smart Key Available
Other Informations Length 4400 mm
Width 1695 mm
Height 1475 mm
Doors 5
Seat Capacity 5
Pros & Cons Pros
  • Fuel Consumption: The Axio Fielder performs across all variants with unique fuel economy, making it an affordable choice for daily commuting.
  • Spacious Interior: The station waggon shape provides lots of cargo capacity, which makes it perfect for families or those who lead active lifestyles.
  • Advanced safety methods: Toyota Safety Sense, which includes technologies like the Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, offers peace of mind.
  • Smooth Handling: Even on long drives, the Axio Fielder provides a pleasant and smooth ride.
  • The Axio Fielder's solid structure and long-lasting components are a good representation of Toyota's reputation for dependability.
  • Limited Power: Some may find the Axio Fielder's power output to be disappointing, especially in scenarios involving more incredible speeds.
  • The Axio Fielder may not be the best option for individuals looking for off-road capabilities due to its lack of AWD (all-wheel drive).
Reliability 80%
Looks 75%
Fuel Efficiency 75%
Resale Value 85%
Spare Parts Availability 85%
Comfort 80%
Overall Rating 4.7 of 5.0

Difference between Toyota Fielder and Toyota Axio Fielder.

The Toyota Axio and Toyota Axio Fielder are two separate cars in the Toyota range that are part of the Toyota Corolla series of vehicles. The fundamental distinction between these two models is seen in their unique body types and arrangements.

Toyota Axio: The Corolla’s car equivalent is the Toyota Axio. It usually has a four-door, tiny body with a trunk for storage. It has become known for its usefulness, fuel efficiency, and comfortable space. It’s a well-liked option for drivers who value an affordable car with high fuel efficiency.

Toyota Axio Fielder: The Toyota Axio Fielder is the Corolla’s estate or waggon model. It has a more customizable design and extra room for luggage in the back that can be obtained through a rear liftgate or tailgate.

For people who require more significant cargo space, the Fielder is made to be more helpful. Families, outdoor enthusiasts, or those who need additional room for baggage, sporting goods, or other bulky stuff may consider it.

Overall Review of Toyota Axio Fielder

When it comes to efficient and practical transportation for daily usage, the Toyota Axio Fielder excels. Its small size, superior maneuverability, and fuel efficiency make it exceptionally well adapted for urban settings. Its hype is increased by the presence of innovative security features that guarantee a safe driving experience. The Axio Fielder prioritizes comfort, dependability, and efficiency above high performance, making it an excellent option for families, commuters, or those who lead active lifestyles.


The performance of the Axio Fielder is demonstrated by the effectiveness of its engines and quick handling. The hybrid model is distinguished for its remarkable fuel efficiency, making it an excellent option for the environment. For a variety of driving preferences, the petrol models offer a mix of power and economy. The CVT gearbox ensures smooth gear changes, and this improves the comfort of the driving experience.


The Axio Fielder’s exterior design combines a fusion of modernism and practicality. It has a modern appearance because of its slim lines, built-in LED headlights, and striking front grill. The considerable luggage space is a result of the extended rear portion, and the aerodynamic design improves fuel economy. The variety of color options available offers options to suit different tastes.


The Axio Fielder’s interior has a well-designed cabin that values comfort and efficiency. The environment is made pleasant by the use of excellent components and careful attention to detail. By folding the back seats, the big rear luggage compartment can be made even more significant, giving you flexibility for transporting heavier objects. Access to crucial settings and functionality is made simple by the dashboard’s user-friendly design.

Our Recommendation

The new Toyota Axio Fielder price in Bangladesh generally ranges between BDT 25,00,000 and BDT 35,00,000. Please take note that because of variables like moving import taxes, fluctuating currency exchange rates, and other market dynamics, prices may have increased since then.
The pricing of the Toyota Axio Fielder in Bangladesh is affected by a number of variables. The vehicle’s year of manufacture, mileage, state, and any added features or changes are among these. The dealer, the location, and the demand of the market may all affect pricing. The second hand automobile market in Bangladesh provides a variety of Toyota Axio Fielder models at various price points for those looking for a more affordable choice. The cost of used Axio Fielders varies depending on factors like age, condition, mileage, and models from earlier years. Do consult garibaree.com for more information about the car.


Toyota Axio WXB price in Bangladesh?

Nearly 30 lacs depends on the models.

Toyota Axio Fielder used price in Bangladesh?

It starts at 20 lacs and can vary due to models and variants.

What is the Toyota Axio Fielder's maintenance schedule?

It is recommended that you stick to the servicing schedule suggested by Toyota, which is included in the owner's handbook and usually entails routine inspections, wheel rotations, and oil changes.

Where can I buy a Toyota Axio Fielder in Bangladesh?

Toyota Axio Fielder is available at authorized Toyota dealerships in Bangladesh. If you are planning to buy a Used or Reconditioned car you can also buy it from GariBaree.com. Our transaction process is totally transparent and hassle free.

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