Introducing the Toyota CHR, a remarkable subcompact crossover SUV expertly crafted by Toyota since 2016. Introducing the remarkable vehicle with a captivating design, perfectly positioned in size between the renowned Corolla Cross and the stylish Yaris Cross. CHR is an exceptional vehicle that offers two incredible engine options for you to choose from. You can experience the thrilling power of the 1.2L turbo petrol engine or opt for the efficient and eco-friendly 1.8L Hybrid. The choice is yours, and both options are sure to provide an exceptional driving experience. We proudly present a vast selection of models, each boasting a unique array of features.

When it comes to the interior design of this model, there are few considerations to keep in mind, one thing to note is that there are some concerns regarding the limited visibility from inside the car, which occurs for the smaller windows. CHR is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency, the CHR prioritizes efficiency over speed and handling, ensuring a smooth and gradual acceleration experience.

Welcome to our article where we will provide you with the latest information on the used and reconditioned Toyota CHR car price in Bangladesh.

Reconditioned Toyota C-HR Price In Bangladesh

Reconditioned Toyota C-HR 2018 & 2019 & 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Package 2018 2019 2020
S 35 - 36 Lac 37 - 39 Lac 39 - 40 Lac
G 39 - 41 Lac 39 - 42 Lac 44 - 45 Lac
S LED 31 - 32 Lac 38 - 39 Lac 38 - 40 Lac
G LED 34 - 37 Lac 37 - 38 Lac 39 - 42 Lac
S GR SPORT 38 - 41 Lac 39 - 42 Lac 44 - 45 Lac
G MODE NERO 35 - 36 Lac 37 - 39 Lac 39 - 40 Lac

Reconditioned Toyota C-HR 2021 & 2022 Price In Bangladesh

Package 2021 2022
S 41 - 42 Lac 43 - 44 Lac
G 45 - 46 Lac 47 Lac
S LED 39 - 41 Lac 41 - 43 Lac
G LED 43 - 45 Lac 45 - 48 Lac
S GR SPORT 45 - 46 Lac 47 Lac
G MODE NERO 41 - 42 Lac 43 - 44 Lac

Used Toyota C-HR Price In Bangladesh

Used Toyota C-HR 2017 & 2018 & 2019 Price In Bangladesh

Package Till 2017 2018 2019
S 30 - 33 Lac 33 - 35 Lac 36 - 38 Lac
G 34 - 38 Lac 37 - 40 Lac 41 - 42 Lac
S LED 29 - 32 Lac 31 - 33 Lac 33 - 34 Lac
G LED 28 - 31 Lac 32 - 33 Lac 37 - 38 Lac
S GR SPORT 34 - 38 Lac 37 - 40 Lac 41 - 42 Lac
G MODE NERO 30 - 33 Lac 33 - 35 Lac 36 - 38 Lac

Used Toyota C-HR 2020 & 2021 & 2022 Price In Bangladesh

Package 2020 2021 2022
S 38 - 40 Lac 40 - 42 Lac 42 - 43 Lac
G 43 - 44 Lac 44 - 44 Lac 44 - 45 Lac
S LED 34 - 35 Lac 35 - 37 Lac 37 - 38 Lac
G LED 37 - 38 Lac 42 - 43 Lac 43 - 45 Lac
S GR SPORT 43 - 44 Lac 44 - 45 Lac 44 - 45 Lac
G MODE NERO 38 - 40 Lac 40 - 42 Lac 42 - 43 Lac
Toyota CHR body -
Toyota CHR back -

Details of Toyota C-HR

Basic Information Horsepower 144 - 201 hp
Power 135 - 150 kW
Internal Combustion Engine 1.2 - 2
Top Speed 105 - 115 km/h
Chassis TNGA-C (GA-C)
Car Classification Small family SUV
Engine Capacity 1496 cc
Available Colors 5 (Attitude Black, Nebula Blue, Premium Red, Platinum White Pearl, Metal Stream)
Exterior Headlights Halogen
Side Mirror Indicator Available
Interior Dual zone climate control
60/40 split rear seats
Fuel Efficiency CH-R Hybrid can achieve a fuel economy of up to 74.3 mpg
Fuel Type Gasoline (with octane rating 87)
Mileage 27 mpg, miles per gallon of 31
Features and technology Safety Feature Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, backup camera, ten airbags, Toyota’s Star Safety System™, high tensile steel chassis, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), Hill Start Assist Control, LATCH seating system, an electronic parking brake, Brake Hold, an engine immobilizer, and many more
Smart Key Available
Remote Boot Release Available
Maintenance Maintenance cost of this model is quite affordable.
Other Informations Length 172.6 inches
Width 70.7 inches (Without mirror)
Height 61.6 inches
Doors 4
Seat Capacity 5
Pros & Cons Pros
  • Great fuel efficiency
  • Fun and engaging handling
  • Full suite of driver aids
  • Standard features offer great value
  • Strong fuel economy estimates
  • Bold exterior styling
  • Toyota reliability
  • Pleasant ride
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Upscale interior materials
  • Comes standard with plenty of features, including safety tech
  • Sporty handling makes it fun to zip around turns
  • Swoopy styling helps it stand out
  • Slow acceleration
  • Cargo capacity is average
  • Lethargic four-cylinder engine
  • Continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT)
  • Front-wheel drive only
  • Cheap plastic exterior parts
  • Cheap plastic interior parts
  • Seat adjusters may have issues
  • Windshield wiper nozzle and motor may need replacing
Reliability 80%
Looks 75%
Fuel Efficiency 75%
Resale Value 85%
Spare Parts Availability 85%
Comfort 80%
Overall Rating 4.0 of 5.0

Overall Review of Toyota C-HR

The Toyota CHR is an incredibly attractive choice for individuals in search of a compact SUV that displays a unique and fashionable appeal. This model boasts a one-of-a-kind design that truly stands out among its competitors. Not only does it display a sense of individuality, but it also offers exceptional fuel efficiency, making it an ideal option for your everyday drive and navigating the bustling city streets. The Toyota CHR’s exceptional reputation for reliability further enhances its appeal, instilling unwavering confidence in customers when making their purchase.

Experience swift handling and an enjoyable driving experience with the CHR! Its smooth ride will leave you pleasantly satisfied. Enhance your fuel efficiency with the availability of a cutting-edge hybrid powertrain! This feature is perfect for environmentally conscious customers who prioritize lower emissions and crave better gas mileage.

While this product has numerous benefits, it is important for those interested buyers to be aware of a few potential drawbacks. The slow acceleration has been noted as an issue for drivers seeking a more responsive performance during highway merging or passing actions. Moreover, the use of cheap plastic materials within the interior could potentially detract from the overall feel of excellence and tactile experience of the cabin.

When it comes to the limited cargo space, it’s important to note that it may pose a slight inconvenience for buyers who require ample room for larger items or luggage. The practicality and versatility of the CH-R may be impacted by this limitation, which could be a concern for families or individuals who often travel with quite a bit of stuff.

In summary, the Toyota CHR presents a wonderful combination of unique aesthetics, exceptional fuel efficiency, and an enjoyable journey on the road. This product is an excellent choice for your daily needs, offering reliable performance and the added advantage of a hybrid powertrain to enhance fuel efficiency. However, discerning buyers should take into consideration the CH-R’s slightly slower acceleration, the quality of its interior materials, and its relatively limited cargo space when evaluating how well it suits their unique preferences and requirements. By taking a test drive and carefully evaluating the vehicle’s remarkable features, you will undoubtedly make a careful and well-informed decision.


he Toyota C-HR boasts a uniquely expressive exterior design that stands out among other SUVs. Its bold and distinctive appearance is characterized by clean lines, flared fenders, and a smooth silhouette. The sharp and angular headlights add to its aggressive styling, while the large and bold front grille features a diamond pattern for added flair. With various wheel options, including 18-inch black alloy wheels, and a selection of eye-catching colors, such as Supersonic Red and Blue Eclipse Metallic, the C-HR offers a touch of individuality. Its compact dimensions and agile stance make it well-suited for city driving.


The Toyota C-HR’s interior is pleasing and comfortable, seating five passengers with standard cloth upholstery. Optional upgrades include leather upholstery, heated front seats, and an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. The dashboard has a tidy layout with a generous infotainment screen and climate controls angled towards the driver. The infotainment system includes an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Higher trims offer premium features like a premium audio system and wireless charging.

The C-HR provides up to 37.0 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded down. The overall interior quality is satisfactory, with textured plastics adding visual interest to the door panels. However, some cheaper plastic panels are mentioned around the center console.

Overall, the Toyota C-HR interior offers a pleasant driving experience with comfortable seating and a user-friendly infotainment system. Despite some use of cheaper materials in certain areas, it provides a comfortable and enjoyable ride for both the driver and passengers.


The Toyota C-HR has an expressive look, good fuel economy with the hybrid system, and quick handling for a fun drive. It’s well-built, safe, and comfy. It has a front-wheel-drive CVT and multiple trims and colors. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produces 144 horsepower and 139 lb-ft. It’s tiny, easy to maneuver, and has standard infotainment. The C-HR is practical and reliable since it resells well.

Our Recommendation

The Toyota C-HR is a highly recommended option for individuals seeking a car with a sporty aesthetic to complement their driving experience in the vibrant streets of Bangladesh. The SUV model presents a distinct advantage in terms of lower maintenance costs, setting it apart from other similar models. This attribute contributes to its overall cost-effectiveness over an extended period of time. The model offers a thrilling driving experience with its engaging handling, complemented by a comprehensive range of advanced driver assistance features. It also boasts impressive fuel efficiency, ensuring you can go the distance without compromising on performance.

Additionally, its striking exterior design adds a touch of boldness, making it a practical and highly attractive choice for discerning individuals.

Before making a purchase, it is advisable to consult the listing on to obtain an accurate assessment of the fair purchase price in your local area. With its lower cost of ownership and exceptional reliability, the C-HR proves to be a truly outstanding investment. For optimal performance and longevity, we highly advise adhering to the recommended maintenance intervals for your vehicle. It is recommended to schedule maintenance at 5,000 miles or 6 months, 15,000 miles or 18 months, and 30,000 miles or 36 months. By following these intervals, you can ensure that your car continues to operate smoothly and minimize the likelihood of encountering any potential problems down the road. The Toyota C-HR is an exceptional vehicle that excels in all aspects, including performance, features, and value. It is highly recommended for you to consider as it offers a well-rounded package that is sure to meet your expectations.


What are some alternatives to Toyota CHR in the same category?

If you are looking for alternatives to the Toyota C-HR in the same category, here are some options to consider -

  1. Mazda CX-3: The Mazda CX-3 is a crossover SUV with aspiring style that is similar to the Toyota C-HR
  2. Mazda CX-30: The Mazda CX-30 is a reliable alternative of the Toyota C-HR, which offers more space and is available with all-wheel drive
  3. Honda HR-V: The Honda HR-V is a larger alternative to the Toyota C-HR that offers more interior space and is available with all-wheel drive
  4. Toyota Corolla Cross: The Toyota Corolla Cross is a subcompact SUV that is similar to the C-HR in size and style, but it offers more powertrain options and is available with all-wheel drive
  5. Fiat 500X: The Fiat 500X is another subcompact crossover SUV that is similar in size to the Toyota C-HR

What are the most common complaints about the Toyota CHR?

  1. Transmission issues: Many Toyota C-HR owners have reported about the premature transmission problems. Some owners have complained about their transmission developing major issues
  2. Electrical system issues: Electrical system issues, such as problems with the windshield, have been reported by few Toyota C-HR owners
  3. Lack of power: Lack of power is another issue reported by few C-HR owners
  4. Noisy engine: CHR has a noisy engine has been reported by some Toyota C-HR owners
  5. Excessive vibrations: Some Toyota C-HR owners have reported excessive vibrations
  6. Rough drive quality: Few Toyota C-HR owners have reported a rough drive quality, which starts with a low humming sound from the front of the vehicle

Is Toyota C-HR good for long drives?

When it comes to how well it performs on long trips, people have a lot of different things to say about the Toyota C-HR, which is a crossover SUV. Following an examination of each and every source, we have arrived at this conclusion. Based on the comments of a number of people, we have come to the conclusion that the Toyota C-HR is probably not the best option for longer highway trips. Nevertheless, it appears to be a respectable challenger for usage on roads in both the city and the countryside. In particular, the hybrid model is being praised for the remarkable efficiency with which it consumes fuel and the agility with which it moves. It's possible that in the end, it will come down to personal preferences and requirements to determine whether or not the C-HR is suitable for longer road trips.