Honda Accord Turbo price in Bangladesh:The price range for a Honda Accord Turbo in Bangladesh is between 5600000 and 5800000 BDT.

In the automobile industry, the Honda Accord has long been an icon because it is known for comfort, performance, and reliability. The turbocharged version’s release in recent years has given this cherished automobile even more energy. This article examines the Honda Accord Turbo in detail, covering its cost in Bangladesh, available models, advantages and disadvantages, performance, design, and features, as well as a thorough assessment.

The Honda Accord Turbo can be purchased in many trim levels in Bangladesh to suit a wide range of tastes and price ranges. These usually consist of:

Honda Accord Turbo LX: Equipped with a lively turbocharged engine and standard comforts, this base model provides a well-rounded experience.
Honda Accord Turbo EX: A number of convenience features are added to the EX trim level, such as an expanded touchscreen screen, improved audio, and improved driver-assistance systems.
Honda Accord Turbo EX-L: Upgrading to the EX-L adds more sophisticated safety systems, leather seats, and a high-end audio system.
Honda Accord Turbo Touring: Situated as the top model, the Touring variant provides an extensive array of high-end and cutting-edge equipment, culminating in an exceptionally lavish driving encounter.

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Find the Reconditioned and Used Honda Accord car price in Bangladesh till date

Price Range (2015 - 2022) 34 - 70 Lac
Available Colors White, Silver, Magnetic Grey, Black

Reconditioned Honda Accord Price In Bangladesh

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2015 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2015 34 - 35 Lac

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2016 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2016 40 - 43 Lac

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2017 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2017 43 - 45 Lac

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2018 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2018 -

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2019 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2019 53 - 55 Lac

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2020 55 - 57 Lac

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2021 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2021 63 - 65 Lac

Reconditioned Honda Accord 2022 Price In Bangladesh

Package EX/LX
2022 68 - 70 Lac
Honda Accord Turbo price in Bangladesh
Honda Accord Turbo price in Bangladesh

Details of Honda Accord

Basic Information Horsepower 192 @ 6,000 hp
Power Max Power 143.016bhp@6200rpm
Internal Combustion Engine 1.5L DI VTEC Turbo
Top Speed 116 mph
Chasis Sedan
Car Classification Compact car
Engine Capacity 1,498 CC
Exterior Headlights Halogen / LED
Side Mirror Indicator Available
Fuel Efficiency Fuel efficient
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Petrol
Mileage 18.54 - 23.1 kmpl
Features and technology Safety Feature Collision Mitigation Braking System , Forward Collision Warning , Lane Departure Warning , Driver's and front passenger's advanced front airbags (i-SRS) , Driver's and front passenger's front side airbags, Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist.
Smart Key Available
Remote Boot Release Available
Other Informations Length 195.7 inch
Width 73.3 inch
Height 57.1 inch
Doors 4
Seat Capacity 5
Pros & Cons Pros
  • Turbocharged Engine: The Accord's power is increased by the turbocharger, making for a sportier driving experience.
  • Fuel economy: The Accord Turbo is an excellent option for daily commuting since it retains outstanding fuel economy ratings despite the added power.
  • Spacious Interior: The Accord continues to have among the roomiest interiors in its class, providing enough space for both passengers and goods.
  • Advanced Safety Features: All trims are available with Honda's collection of safety systems, which includes automated cruise control and lane-keeping assistance.
  • Refined Handling: Even on difficult terrain, the Accord Turbo provides a calm and comfortable ride.
  • Premium Build Quality: There is a sense of longevity and refinement to the inside materials and overall build quality.
  • Limited trunk capacity: Although the inside is spacious, there is less luggage capacity than in other of the competitors in the market.
  • Noisy at High RPMs: During sudden acceleration, in particular, some drivers may discover that the engine noise is noticeable at higher RPMs.
  • Limited Accessibility to Manual Gearbox: For enthusiasts, only a few model levels provide the manual gearbox option.
Reliability 80%
Looks 75%
Fuel Efficiency 75%
Resale Value 85%
Spare Parts Availability 85%
Comfort 80%
Overall Rating 4 of 5.0

Overall Review

Power and economy are perfectly balanced in the Honda Accord Turbo. The four-cylinder turbocharged engine at the centre of this vehicle provides an important horsepower increase over its non-turbo rivals. On the highway, this translates to strong passing manoeuvres and energetic acceleration.

 The engine is kept within its power band admirably by the continuously variable gearbox (CVT), which guarantees snappy performance.

The Accord Turbo has remarkable balance when driving. The suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride by absorbing bumps on the road. The driver feels confident in a variety of driving circumstances thanks to the well-weighted and responsive steering.


The Honda Accord Turbo’s performance is evidence of modern engineering. With its powerful 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque, the 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine is quite powerful. This translates into swift acceleration, which facilitates easy merging and topping on highways.

 The CVT is well-tuned and boosts the engine’s power delivery, even though it isn’t as engaging as a traditional automatic.

Fuel efficiency is another area where the Accord Turbo shines, with EPA estimates of 30 MPG in the city and 38 MPG across the country. The Accord Turbo’s power-to-efficiency ratio makes it a great option for both daily commuting and challenging driving conditions.


The Honda Accord Turbo has a certain beauty about its appearance. It seems modern and efficient due to its clean lines and sharply defined outlines. A strong front grille and LED headlights and taillights enhance its attractive appearance on the road. Depending on the model, the optional 19-inch alloy wheels provide a sporty touch that enhances the overall appearance.


The Accord Turbo has a spacious and comfortable interior when you get inside. An ambience of excellent supplies and well-considered design components creates a welcoming feeling. The multimedia system is easy to operate, and the controls are placed sensibly. Long trips are made more comfortable by the supportive seats.

Because of the spacious back seats, it is suitable for adult passengers. In addition, the trunk has plenty of space for baggage and daily belongings, even if it is smaller in its class.


All of the Honda Accord Turbo’s trim levels are well-equipped with a wide range of amenities. 

Standard attributes consist of:
Automatic dual-zone temperature control
An 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Honda Sensing Suite (which offers lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and other features)
Initial push-button
Bluetooth connectivity

Depending on the trim level, optional extras might include:
Styling in leather
High-end sound system
No-wire charging
Navigation device

Our Recommendation

To sum up, the Honda Accord Turbo is evidence of the company’s dedication to both performance and innovation. This model’s supercharged engine offers an exciting driving experience while achieving remarkable fuel efficiency. Modern safety features, a luxurious interior, and cutting-edge technology all come together to offer the Accord Turbo an exceptional choice for car buyers. 

Its sleek and efficient appearance adds to its outstanding efficiency on the road, in addition to enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

 The Accord Turbo offers a smooth combination of power and comfort, whether you’re travelling long distances or through cities. It’s a car that satisfies the need for an exciting driving experience as well as the necessities of daily living. Honda is once again proving its ability to create automobiles that raise the bar for automotive excellence with the Accord Turbo. Check the pricing and get the most recent information at before buying a Honda Accord Turbo.


Honda Accord turbo price in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the cost of a Honda Accord Turbo falls between 5600000 and 5800000 lakhs.

Used Honda Accord Price in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the cost of a used Honda Accord varies according to the model year, trim level, mileage, and general condition. The estimated cost for a model with typical mileage from 2010 to 2015 is between BDT 700,000 and BDT 1,200,000. You can buy an LX or EX trim at the lower end of the range and a Touring model at the top end.

BDT 1,300,000 to BDT 1,800,000 for a low-to-average mileage model from 2016 to 2019. More advanced security features, as well as technology, will be offered in later models.

Is the Honda Accord a high-end vehicle?

In reality, the Honda Accord is regarded as a luxury vehicle because of its luxurious features and smooth driving qualities.

Why does the Honda Accord cost so much?

The cost of the Honda Accord corresponds with its cutting-edge features, potency, and stellar reputation for dependability.